Random, journal-ish things.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not Again

This time there's no excuse for what I did.
I've never been so bad.
I've never thought I could be this bad.
Things are such a mess.
Just a few days ago everything was fine.
Now, I can't even descibe it.
Just completely ruined.
But it might not be ruined.

I cried to a Taylor Swift song today.
I don't even listen to her.
But I was watching Much Music.
And her video came on.
"When you're fifteen and someone tells you that thewy love you, you're gonna believe it".
And I cried.
Maybe it wasn't the song.
Just how things are now.
Maybe I'm too gullable.
Maybe all this is still lies.
Maybe I'm too easy.
That's why I'm fun to play with.

This triangle has to become a line at some point.
And hopefully soon.
Because I can't take it.
I'm not the kind of person who likes to be bad.
I've always followed the rules.
I just can't trust myself.
And I can't trust anyone else.

It's a lose/lose situation.
And what I did is done.
All this better lead to happiness.