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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let Me Speak!

Well, happy 11:30 pm on a school night!
I know I havn't been writing alot.
I guess that's why I'm writing now.
Anyways, when I created this blog, I imagined I'd have so much to say that everything would come pouring out.
But, I guess it's not that easy.
I'm usually very opinionated and interesting.
Well, for the most part anyways.
But lately I feel wordless.
I mean, I can still write poetry.
I guess that's just how I tought myself to express my thoughts and feelings.
But when it comes to journaling, I've never been able to keep a steady one.
I've tried many times to start one.
I'd go to the store, buy a pretty new "diary" decorated with eye-catching images like flowers and kittens.
(Keep in mind, I was about seven.)
I'd go home and start writing stright away.
Resulting in a paragraph of poorly spelled words in childish trying-too-hard handwriting.
I would simply write out the events of the day.
And promise myself to do the same every night.
And I would follow through.
For about four days.
And it's true.
I moved recently, and I've been unpacking.
Coming across many of these stupid "journals".
I wrote them as if they were for my mother to read.
So formal, and lack of opinion and creativity.
I would start with the date written in ugly cursif writing.
Then go on to say "Dear Diary", as if I was adressing an acquaintance, someone I had to impress.
And I would end with some sort of closing.
Like "Goodbye".
So, it seems this is my attempt to start a real journal.
So far it has failed.
But we'll see what happens.

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