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Monday, October 5, 2009


Fuck it.
I didn't write at all last week.
I let myself down.
No rules this time.
No promises.
That way I can't break them ;-).

Hm, last week.
I donno.
I saw Surrogates on Friday.
It was good.
It was an amazing isea for a movie.
And the movie was overall great.
Just at some parts it was trying too hard.
Like "Oh yes, we're a sophisticated new age movie".
But, oh well.
Whatever works.

Anyways, I'm bored with last week.
Let's talk about now.
Which is also boring.
So I'm drinking this 7% alcohol drink (ughhh).
And it's VERY BLUE.
Like, whiper fuid blue.
It's pretty good.
But it makes me want more.
I hope I don't end up being an alcoholic.
Which is quite possible.
Considering I have alcoholism on both sides of the family.
I'm just afraid I'll end up like my "ex-stepdad".
Controlling, emotionally abusive.
Which seems to be the path I'm going down.
Usually when your family leaves an abusive relationship, you're afraid you'll end up with an abuser.
But no.
I'm afraid of BECOMING abusive.
And I'm pretty sure I already am.
On some levels at least.

Holy shit.
One beer cooler and I'm already dizzy.
I'm such a light weight.
I like it though.
Woaw, I can't even walk straight.

So what else..
I stayed home from school today to do a project that I thought was due today.
Then I saw Amy at the gym and asked her about it.
And she said that everyone was working on it in class today.
Oh well.
I got to stay home, I'm not complaining.
But it's a really awesome project.
It's "Where's Waldo?" for art class.
But it's "Where's (you're name here)".
I did mine monster-theme.
And I traced a picture of myself.
A bloody one.
So I fit in.

I finished my drink.
I'm listening to Muse.
And I'm taling to my dad on msn.
And I'm feeling dizzzzzzy.
And I still have a big project to do.

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