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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Surprise, Surprise

Weird things happen.
Unexpected things, sad things, happy things.
My mom tells me to manifest my situations.
And I've learnt this through watching The Secret.
I believe in it.
But you still can't control what happens.
Everything surprises you.

Yesterday I got invited to a punk show by a relative I barely talk to.
He's seventeen, he was a mohawk.
He's my step-mom's cousin.
He's pretty cool, but we barely see eachother.
And when we do, we barely talk.
The last time we saw eachother was at some sort of family event.
The only things he said to me were a few comments on my mohawk.
But other than that, not much was said.
He didn't seem very interested in me.
Until we said goodbye.
He told me that if I ever wanted to see a show or anything I should call him (I don't have his number).
But anyways I didn't think much of it.
I certainly didn't think he was serious.
I just thought it was weird.
But then I get a message on facebook (now this is almost two months later and we havn't talked since then).
At first I have no idea who it is.
"Some creeper", I thought.
Until he mentioned my dad's name.
So I might end up going to myt first punk show with some guy I barely know.
Oh well, it might be fun.

Today I didn't go to school most of the day to finish a project.
It was due Monday, now it's Thursday.
If I didn't hand it in today I would lose 30%.
I get to school, run to class.
I'm panting as I hand the teacher my late slip.
I'm about to tell him the project's done, but my friend informed me that we didn't do the projects today.
I was confused and exhausted.
I just hid my face in my hands and cried.
Shaking and sweating.
Snot dripping from my nose.
It was horrible.
And i didn't stop crying.
I went through the entire class like that.
Walked down the hall to my next class like that.
I was still crying when I got to my next class.
And not just a little bit of crying.
Still fullout SOBBING.
The teacher told me to go cool down in her office.
I eventually stopped crying.
But holy shit.
I've never cried that much at school.

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