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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Food Doesn't Count

Totally unrelated to anything christmasy.
But last weekend I was playing Life with my dad.
And at the part where you have to get married, he asked me if I wanted a man or a woman.
That was the first time that I truely felt that he accepted my sexuality.
I mean he's always been okay with it.
I had a girlfriend.
And he was okay with talking about her.
But, to me, this was proof.

Anyways, merry christmas!
I got an amazing dress with monsters all over it.
I knew I was getting it, since I chose it.
But nonetheless, I'm freaking happy!
It fits beautifully.
(Except for around the bust.
Which is tight, but not to suffocating.
It works better if I don't wear a bra.)
I got other things too.
Like an Edward Scissorhands poster (my favourite movie).
And underwear, and studded bracelets.

Last night I went to my step-dad's cousin's house.
For a christmas eve party.
It was okay.
After I had a few drinks, that is.
I don't know his family very well.
But they kept complimenting my boobs.
I wrote "merry christmas" on my chest.
Well, I got my mom to do it.
Since it's hard to write on your own chest.
Mirrors are no help.

I'll write again soon.

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